A hackerspace and economic hub for biotech and STEM in San Diego » Bio, Tech and Beyond

A hackerspace and economic hub for biotech and STEM in San Diego

Backed by the city of Carlsbad for the purpose of supporting bio-entrepreneurs, educators and technologists focused on starting new businesses, creating more jobs and improving the healthcare industry.



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Made for Promoting Science and Technology

Bio, Tech and Beyond is an innovation space established by the city Carlsbad to promote biotech and STEM based ventures. We cultivate programs that relate to start up businesses, education, new technologies and solutions for enabling more sustainable healthcare. Our aim is to be an economic hub that companies, organizations and individuals can utilize for business development.

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Interested in collaboration?

Currently we provide low cost lab space and access to some basic lab equipment that includes an operational tissue culture lab that are being rented by small startups. We also have a network of assay developers, instrumentation specialists and various sorts of consultants who meet periodically for bouncing off ideas and getting new ideas launched which is promoted through our MeetUp page

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We're located at 2351 Faraday Ave in Carlsbad, CA. You can contact us or at info@biotechnbeyond.com or follow us on Twitter.